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Time at the office went well, and though no money miraculously appeared in our bank account (to my knowledge), I was able to determine the nature of the error that led to my misassessment of our fiscal health. I was both relieved and frustrated to learn that it has been a systemic, cumulative problem since 1998 and is the result of apparently sloppy information management. The books themselves are fine, but the computer has a number of uncleared transactions that are also unreal, and their total effect is a reported balance over $4,000 greater than what we have. Sloppy, and I don't think I could have seen it coming based on the information provided. To our former financial manager, it had been a "mystery" (which she inadvertently created and contributed to). To me, it was an unintended trap to fall into. Not blaming anyone— it just sucks.

Trading comments on LJ gave me encouraging breaks during my unexpected workday, which I closed with late lunch/early dinner at Blue Willow Tea House (taci, they have a rhubarb dessert there!). Unusually busy, but I got recognition and a shoulder touch from my smiling waitress friend, who remarked, "It's always nice to see you."

The evening included an IM conversation with my best friend Christopher (my reflections from same may comprise a separate entry), a failed nacho project (when the cheese is green, abort), laundry and dishes (domestic bachelorhood is also dead sexy), watching the documentary e-Dreams (about the failed, atop whose former Seattle base my office resides), and now a second trip to Victrola (just to get out).

Tonight I watched a couple paint together at their table, contributing to a shared work of art. Someday I think I would like to do that with someone, too. But when we do it, we will smile. The whole time.

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