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Requirements of grace and justice

After a night of cool and rain, I find myself rested for the day. The prospect of needing to work at the office today is not as burdensome as before— in fact, it is almost inexplicably light. I say "almost," because I suspect the explanation may lie in that this is the yoke of my Lord on my shoulders, and on His.

So very thankful that His grace is indeed grace, given freely in expression of His righteousness, His goodness, His love. I've been such a screw-up, and if my past is any indication, I will continue to be so. Hope lies in that: 1) Because of who He is and who He is making me, my past is in fact no indication, and 2) Even if I fall to the very depths, still He will save me— it's what He's already done. Staggering as it is, because of Christ's sacrifice, justice requires that God's grace abound to me.

The smell of sandwiches on the small grill (an iron giant precursor to George Foreman's version) wafts up to my nose as I sit at Victrola's bar. Not entirely unpleasant, though I'm far from hungry.

Many friends in my thoughts and prayers this day, another sign of His Spirit. Left to my own devices, I'd be a brooding, self-absorbed lump. He tugs my heart elsewhere, in directions I'd not have the courage to go.

(Truth be told, however, I'm dead sexy when I brood...)


"Dead sexy..."? haha That hit me like a brick from above. I am rolling on the floor. LITERALLY! 'Cause my husband and I have yet to buy a computer desk and I am all set up on my bedroom floor, boxes turned this way and that way to create some sense of order to all these wires.

YOU NEED TO WRITE A BOOK! It hit me when I read that line. Isn't that funny? Of all the incredibly thought provoking, wisdom filled things you have said of late and it was the "dead sexy" line that motivated me to announce that you need to write a book.

I am serious! I really think your thought process is amazing and your struggles are raw and real and people can relate. We all struggle with the same things, but you seem to put a sense of order to the whole mess. Your mind is beautiful in this way and I look forward, EVERY DAY to reading your personal thoughts.

Please pray about it. (Writing a book that is) 'cause I may be wrong, but I really did feel led to tell you that you should be writing a book. ~el
What happened to the desk y'all tried to assemble? Or is that why you need a computer desk? :)

(Notice how I sidestepped the whole book thing? Pretty smooth, I thought...)


Oh gosh. That desk was in engioneering disaster. One piece of it was about a 1/4 of an inch too long and well, we decided to just WRENCH the puppy together anyway, but just like SIN... when one piece gets even a hair off course the next piece is even farther off and so on and so on... By time we got to the last few pieces, that desk was off by about 4 inches and looked like it belonged in a FUN HOUSE. It was so twisted and distorted looking. haha Anyway, we took it back and now we are gun shy about the whole DO-IT-YOURSELF funriture stuff. I think the boxes are pretty nice. I feel so SAVE-A-TREEISH! :)

You can't side step the Lord. haha He will convict you about that book. I just have a sneaking suspicion. haha

I miss our chats. Pray for me that I will be able to figure out what I dumped from our hard drive UGH! So that now I can't load any messengers. :(
Um, the boxes are (were) trees, probably, but I guess I could be graceful enough not to bring that up. Or maybe I'm not that graceful.

Sorry about your messengers-- that truly stinks. I have a hunch you'll figure it out at just the right time. And praying is not a problem at all.

haha I knew I should have clarified myself because, yes, I did consider the fact that the boxes were trees, however I am still saving a tree by not buying a DESK that is ALSO made from trees. :) I still feel SAVE-A-TREEISH! :)
Yes, there are definitely some grateful trees out there. They'd probably dance, but...well, they're trees. They probably wait for us all to go to sleep.
oh really about the brooding? must file that away somewhere :)