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Time for new pledges?

Chin resting on my hand, I smile out the window. Today is grey.

Though I'm proudly Christian and American— the former always trumps the latter— I find myself unsurprised and largely unaffected by yesterday's pledge of allegiance ruling. Did someone fail to see this coming? It's by no means an encouraging turn, but if anyone thought that the pledge was somehow instilling character in our children and schools (against the overwhelming tide to the contrary), perhaps this will be an opportunity (presented by God Himself?) to wake up and realize that we aren't living in a Thomas Kinkade painting after all. By all means, add it to a list of concerns, but I fear I can't rank it very highly in light of the pervasive presence of deep injustice and oppression in our culture. It's a symptom, certainly, but let's go ahead and face the disease. While poverty, homelessness, abuse, persecution, murder, and an extensive litany of problems abound, this issue simply doesn't strike me as priority one.

Daily irony (which, thankfully, has nothing to do with my personal life this time): Looking at a front-page photo of an anti-crime rally with the protest sign "Profit from addiction is evil" while I finish the last of my tall non-fat caramel latté at Victrola.

Time to go.
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