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Banzai defined

Through the wonders of Google, I have compiled a list of what Banzai really is (for your own list just search for "yourname is"— don't forget the quotation marks). You'd be surprised which ones are close to accurate. Or maybe you wouldn't.

If you're itching to play this new game, then Banzai is the right place to get a game.

Banzai is fairly convoluted.

Banzai is just keeping up.

Banzai is still looking for a master...Banzai has exceptional skill in combat and has a very unique style perferring the hit and run tactics and relying on his speed and quickness.

Banzai is fun. Behind the cabin, on the lake, or floating down the stream. Out playing in the surf, or even messing about in the small river rapids. Banzai is so stable the kids can stand up in it, and climb back in if they fall off. Wide enough to give a solid platform, but not so wide that paddling forwards becomes difficult. Easy to spin around, and race from rock to rock, or chase a beach ball across the pond...Banzai is made from nearly unbreakable Xytec Plastic using computer controlled rotomolding, unsinkable due to the completely sealed bulkheads in both ends...

Banzai is a Japanese cheer meaning "long life."

Banzai is a howl!

Banzai is simply not as good as you remember it.

First, the normal state of Banzai is to hover, behaving much like a dragonfly - er, helicopter.

Banzai is a dynamic marriage of camped-up sci-fi and edge-of-the-seat suspense.

Banzai is like a train that lays it's tracks as it moves along: it makes sense from moment to moment, but by the end, you have absolutely no idea where you are or how you got there.

Banzai is not about the plot, it's about everything around the plot.

Banzai is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and the result is much more impressive then I expected.

Banzai is already named after a superhero— ironic, given his neurological problems, that the superhero whose name he bears is/was, among other marvelous things, a brain surgeon. So one might be led to think that Banzai should be able to treat himself, much like the doctor at the South Pole who treated her own breast cancer, but even she had to finally be airlifted out of there.

Banzai is the funniest of the trio, making his jokes everytime, even in tense situations. Well, I noticed, that whenever there's a fight, Banzai is always the one who gets hurt the most.

Banzai is one of the most original concepts I have ever seen on TV and it is a great shame that it is only available on E4.

Banzai is the best!

Banzai is a complete load of crap.

Banzai is so off the map, does such calculatedly bizarre things that it's a breath of fresh air.

Banzai is a necessity because it provides the audience the means of experiencing the Banzai ethos outside the confines of the terrestrial programming schedule.

Banzai is being reversioned with American B- and C- list celebs...

And other sweet thing in Banzai is his humour, because he really has it!

Banzai is going around in circles.

Banzai is anything but ordinary.

Again he gives the impression Banzai is a real person who wanted him to document his exploits for his many adoring fans.

Banzai is truly our partner.

Banzai is a very outgoing confident dog. Friends and family of his are greeted with a tail wagging bodychecking vocal goof. Outside our home, unknown adults, usually meet the aloof side of Banzai. Children and elderly on the other hand, meet a character who is calm and a good washcloth for the kiddies! Banzai has been a wonderful companion, guardian and German Shepherd Dog for the past 7 years we've spent with him. We are looking forward to many more memories.

Well since Banzai is pushing me out of the way I'll conclude with my mooing...Mooo, Mooo...

Banzai is sort of hip and kind of cool

Banzai is now living a true life's experience, playing the blues he loves in a city he calls "the Capital of the Blues".

Banzai is new to Texas, and a welcome addition to an already exciting era in the ongoing music industry that Austin presents. He is fresh and radiates an enthusiasm that is most welcome to those of us who genuinely love the blues and blues rock.

And Banzai is one of those individuals who with his unique style will add great excitement and raw energy to the material...

Banzai is a leap of faith...not unlike being a tarheel...everything is exactly the way it is meant to be...and we are exactly perfect in the carolina blue eyes of god.

Banzai is the ultimate Renaissance man: brain surgeon, rock star, rocket scientist, comic book hero, and a swell dresser besides.

Banzai is fitted with a huge custom built front mount intercooler, hi flow radiator, and retro fit air conditioning condenser to handle the extra cooling needs. A special computer-designed subframe fits the 20B power plant perfectly into the RX-7 engine bay and allows easy access to all components for service. A custom Digital Management System provides unsurpassed drive ability and unbelievable performance without all of the spaghetti wiring of the factory system. A TKT Stainless Steel Exhaust System gives it the perfect note. Special Trak-Pro suspension and brake systems handle the extra performance with ease. Power is transferred to the ground via Bridgestone Potenza S-02 225/40ZR18 front and 285/35ZR18 rear tires mounted on beautiful 18" x 8.5" front and 18" x 10" rear Forgeline LS web design wheels.

Let your giggle muscles take over while your brain takes a tea break. Banzai is here...

Banzai is tortured.

Banzai is Amazon top seller.

David Ward, Chyron's vice president of business development for Europe, said, "Banzai is an excellent example of how synchronous interactivity can enhance the viewing experience."

Banzai is about the journey, not the destination.

Banzai is becoming a bit dated.

Banzai is a Rebelbug without a cause, a free spirit in search of the lust of his life and the adventure to go with it.

Banzai is a top-notch pilot

Banzai is a real bad ass

Banzai is a profane expletive

Banzai is designed to develop learners' grammatical and sentence production skills as well as to instill cultural knowledge about Japan.

Banzai is by far the best I've ever had!

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