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The Year of Hell: Archive Project (Part I)

In my time at Victrola this morning, I rediscovered the personal log I kept on my iBook from late July, 2000 until I came on LiveJournal in January, 2001. I've decided to migrate these entries over to my LiveJournal, a virtual archive of much of what I now refer to as "The Year of Hell."

Using LJ's backdating function, I've put an initial batch of entries on their proper dates and times in my journal. As with any look back, there's plenty of what I wrote that I'm not proud of— I hope I've changed a great deal. But it's a sometimes interesting look back, a series of snapshots found in a dusty digital box.

I will be adding to the Archive periodically, as the urge strikes, and I will note the updates in current entries. Some entries will also be under protected or private security, but like my current journal, I'm trying to be as open as is prudent and beneficial in a public forum.

The Year of Hell: Archive Project (Part I) covers the period of 28 July to 12 August 2000 and can be most easily accessed here and here. If you decide to browse the Archive, I would welcome your comments as well.

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