Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
Maximillian Amadeus Banzai

Almost helpful

Woke up too late for church after I went back to bed. I’d hoped to get some assignments done, but that, too, is folly. The list from Datatel, like so many other things of late, is almost helpful— but not quite. It has just enough holes and inaccuracies to make it unreliable for making assignments. I could pretend to be surprised, but of course I’m not.

So tomorrow morning will consist of meeting with K. and telling her yet again that her approach was flawed. Right now, there’s no substitute to getting the info from Phyllis, as much as anyone might wish the situation were otherwise. It is what it is.

The fact that I’m harboring bitterness toward K. won’t help. Seems she has a pattern of going to Liz when she doesn’t like what I have to say— not a mature way of dealing with conflict, in my opinion. If you have a problem with me, come to me. In addition, she expected that I would work on assignments over the weekend; meanwhile, she went camping with her daughter. I’m not a fan of the double standard (unless it’s mine, of course), and right now, I’m not a fan of K. either.

So many people trying to help, yet so few are really helping. I must be careful not to be too dismissive, however— K. and Liz have done some good work in researching apartment options and a few other things. K. just doesn’t seem to understand the whole picture because she doesn’t listen. This becomes additionally frustrating because she doesn’t really even need to be involved at this level except to indulge the busybody nature of herself and her supervisor.

I hope to enjoy the cool of the day and not let this dilemma take up too much space in my head. I’ll need the rest to have energy for the week ahead.

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