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Time and tension

Our sense of duration depends on the number of stimuli that we have perceived and stored in our minds...

—G. H. Winthrow, The Natural Philosophy of Time

Running behind, but needed the rest. There are times when the difference between abiding by the clock and observing the higher principles of time seems much like the difference between a Christian's living under the law and living by the Spirit. To be a good steward of time means choosing how to invest it, and investment means risk (as in Jesus' parable of the talents). Sometimes this means freedom from the rule of the hour and minute hands. Grace, even in time.

(there's so much freedom I forget to enjoy sometimes)

Chose to sit at the (mini)bar at Victrola this morning. A different vantage point keeps things fresh, and I think I'll enjoy this one more often.

Good conversation last evening about fear and caution, the tension between being responsible for our impacts and trusting Him with our lives and the results. No answers per se, but that's not what I needed, either. That tension seems inevitable— intentional, I suspect, a part of the design of things. Walking in that tension, perhaps, is faith.

What does it mean to be faithful here? I keep thinking I should be more confused than I truly am.

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