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Still hip and cool

I should make a movie with dandycat and coollibrarian.

Take the Which High Fidelity character are you? Quiz!


let's see, dandycat could write and direct, i could research and you could provide pirtual counsel to cast and crew sounds perfect!
You done went and got all "cool" on me now... Sheesh! Will he ever associate with the likes of me again? :)

We finally got our new computer last night. *Sigh* (I think) I am having a heck of a time with all this new stuff. And I am here to ask the age old question... Why does a printer not come with a printer cable? And if that is; "...just the way it is" then why did I get the one and only sales person in all of Hawaii that forgot to sell me the darn thing?

Don't people here know about 'Items per transaction' when it comes to sales goals? Sheesh! So, now I am stuck having to brave my way around this island that I know virtually NOTHING ABOUT and somewhere in this tropical jungle I will find a printer cable. :)

How are you? I have missed our chats. Please fill me in on all the "stuff". Hugs ~el
  1. Of course I will still associate with you. Just don't forget that I'm Rob Gordon (see above).
  2. You really should have just gotten a Mac.
  3. Your assignment is to read my journal and ask questions I can fill you in on (so that I can avoid being a scattered spaz, which you have observed firsthand). This shouldn't take you more than a month or two.
  4. Yeah.