Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Hump day

Ditched work at 2:00 pm yesterday, which was a major blessing. Probably shouldn't even feel guilty about that, since I'll be teaching a class at work until 7:30 pm tomorrow. What I might have cause to feel guilty about, perhaps, is that my boss is sick again today, it's beautiful again today, and I think I will bag out again today. Honestly I think I'll get more done on my iBook in the fresh air, and even if that's a convenient rationalization, I'll take it.

Last night I went with the Johnsons and Sara's friend Stephanie (visiting from Atlanta) to Northlake Pizza. Good fun, especially after a couple of pitchers. We made individual lists of our 5 most shaggable celebrities, then digressed to the GBF (gross but fuckable) category. We were soon sorry we went there, and I think everyone felt like they needed a shower.

P.S. Why do I get a list of moods in my post options sometimes, but not other times? It has happened on all three of my Macs, which tells me it might be a Mac client bugaboo. Anyone else experience this?
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