Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Hip and cool

A resort area will be part of your next holiday plans.

—My Jones Cream Soda bottle cap from 16 June 2002

After church yesterday, I decided to go to a Damien Jurado show at Le Pichet downtown (where my friend Brent is a chef). Upon arriving, I discovered that another friend, Josh, was playing bass, then ended up at the bar between yet another friend, Elisa, and Jen and Chris, the owners of Victrola. Apparently I have a hip, well-connected life and didn't even know about it. Enjoyed the show with a scotch, feeling very hip and cool.

Yes, I am very hip and cool indeed.

Hip or no, I was wiped out by the time I arrived home. Ordered a Pagliacci pizza, was blessed with good company via instant message, and turned in a bit early. Unfortunately I didn't sleep well through the night, so this morning finds me a bit weary. Even so, it was a good Sunday, and tomorrow is a day off.

Besides, my Abba is very fond of me.

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