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Staying put

The weather people (who may only be a sidestep away from compulsive gamblers) expect today's weather to be as beautiful as yesterday's, but twenty degrees cooler. That's more like Seattle. Turns out yesterday was the hottest day since I've lived here. Think I'll be happier with this, thank you. And I, too, think it's pathetic that I've sunk to weather commentary.

Odwalla juice is expensive, but a good pick up. Felt some (non-circumstantial) tightness in my throat the past couple of days, so a vitamin C infusion seemed welcome. Yes, I've stooped to health and juice commentary as well.

Think I'm going to camp out where I am in Scripture for a few days (at least). There's so much truth to mine from these depths; I don't want to gloss over and move on because of some misguided urge to do, to accomplish, to check it off my list and move forward. Time to listen for a while.

More, more, so much more...


I find myself commenting on the weather frequently. I figure it's part of God's creation and it's usually enjoyable to describe!

What scripture are you studying now?
Romans 6-8. Amazingly rich; too overwhelming to take in quickly or completely. A bit like drinking out of a firehose.


Yes, that passage has much good stuff in it! Sometimes we can only take the truth in small doses and we must back up and go at it again! :-)
Odwalla juice is expensive

But a lifesaver! The superfood and uh... super protien 2000? Those are necessities I buy when I've got to fast for medical tests, because I'm hypoglycemic... I take them along then after the test, they hold me together long enough for me to get food or get home. I've also bought them while out doing stuff if my blood sugar suddenly plummets. They're a great way to get it back up quickly without risking an even more serious crash.
In some places, I see a trend that discourages "camping out." Namely, the read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year (or any set amount of time) movements. I suppose that having an end goal helps folks who struggle with building habits -- but yet I feel that Bible reading is reduced to a task when a person has to bolt through it. It shouldn't count as a failure if a person slows down to chew the Food.