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Another ending (well met)

Last night's Staff Meeting was a fitting farewell. Only six of us, largely lighthearted with occasional forays into the abstract, irrelevant, and/or uncomfortable. I think good endings should be like this: those that remind you of everything you'll miss and everything you won't (which, in the oddest of ways, you miss as well). All graduate this Sunday. The last of my little trees have grown.

My friend Pam, who was my administrative assistant during the Year of Hell, e-mailed today. Glad we are still in touch. She now works at Judicial Programs at the University of Maryland, where they apparently still remember me from my Residence Life glory days. I was good.

A couple of movies today (Sweet November and 28 Days), Hollywoody but diversionary. I'll never want to see either again; think I'm just trying to justify my cable bill. Now that my television watching (and desire) has drastically reduced, I should just cut it back, or off.

I have a ton of alcohol in my fridge now; the ice in R2-D2 is taking forever to melt. Sign of a good party: when people bring more than they take and have a good time anyway.
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