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"Drive Him Wild!"

In the checkout lane, I'm bombarded with these messages from the slick covers of magazines (always beside pictures of impossibly beautiful women): "Blow His Mind!" "Amazing Sex Secrets to Turn Him On!" "Men Tell the #1 Way to Drive Them Wild!"

Um, we're guys. As a public service, and in an effort to save the money of any women tempted to buy these magazines, let me now share the ultimate, supreme, and actually the only thing a woman needs to do to "turn her guy on":
Show up.
(On behalf of men across the world, I thank you in advance.)


all those sex secrets are usually the same thing anyway. Or cheeky, halfway veiled references to things that are pretty tame anyway.
I can't imagine writing one of these pieces would be much of a stretch for a journalist. Because, just to reiterate: we're guys.

Amen to that brother!
Yesterday in the supermarket I read the "Best Kept Sex Secret EVER." It suggested buying some lube.

Pretty profound.
thanks for the advice, me thinks :)

::giggling madly, nodnods::

"I'm seventeen. Looking at linolium makes me want to have sex." ~ Xander, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
i can't stop laughing...

...thanks for the tip, banzai, i'll keep that in mind

(and my laughing continues on)