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Adventures in grocery shopping

With dishes done, laundry drying, and DS9 watched, I decided to go to my friendly neighborhood Safeway, a scant three-minute walk from my apartment. Attired in my loungey-pants (their first outing of the season), white t, white socks, and sandals, I ventured forth with my two canvas shopping bags, coupons in my pocket, and my Palm (which held today's list). I can be a geek even when I get groceries.

On the way in, I noticed that my formerly 24-hour Safeway is revising their hours to 5 am to 1 am daily. If this has an impact on my life, I have issues.

Filling my sacks like some kind of food burglar, I hear a man mumbling beside me in the dairy aisle:
"mumblemumble...a deal on those groceries?"


"Want to get a deal on those groceries? See, I need to get money for cigarettes and stuff and I could..."

"Uhm, no thanks. That's alright."
Don't even know what kind of scam it could be— just didn't want any of it.

Got lunch food, apple juice (which the checkout lady darn near dropped— plastic is a wonderful, magical thing), and things for tomorrow's Staff Meeting, including supplies for the Chex Mix of Death, nachos to go with the World's Greatest Guacamole (which Connor says may make an appearance, complete with secret ingredient), and a bottle of merlot. I will probably go back for more beverages later today.

Upon returning, pulled my warm, dry clothes from the dryer. A guy was there washing something in the big sink— dude was funky, and not in a jazz kinda way. There are sometimes good reasons to do laundry.


he was probably trying to get you to buy his food stamps. see, he can't buy cigarettes and alcohol and whatnot with food stamps, so he sells them to you for less than they're worth and he buys other stuff with the cash.

it's really pretty ironic when you think about it. where does he think he got the food stamps in the first place?
Hm. The depravity of humankind always manages to trump government programs.

I thought he meant he was offering to steal the stuff for you for a small fee that would buy some smokes.
laughed out loud all the way through (by the way, can i see the loungey pants? ;) )...

"depravity of humankind"? ouch. oh banzai, we all have our addictions and afflictions (lovingly shaking my head)
Oh, I hope you know me well enough to know that my embrace of the doctrine of the depravity of man isn't to the exclusion of myself. I am, in fact, my primary proof.