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I want to believe...

The X-Files is out of steam. This week an Indian mystic with no legs crawls up inside people. If you didn't watch the show, you must think I'm joking, but I'm not (sidenote: kid who plays bad neighbor kid on Malcolm In the Middle at 8:30 plays victim kid on X-Files at 9-- too creepy). The little Indian guy isn't the only one without a leg to stand on.

I have an LJ friend! Now she can read my deep dark secrets or amazing dullness (flip a coin). Good news is that turnabout is fair play.

I'm having a bit of fun meeting people online. I've been jacked into the net forever, but I haven't explored it quite this way before. Sure there are creeps, but I've also met some really intriguing people in the past week.

This could be the beginning of some beautiful friendships.

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