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Sorry I haven't written...

...but I got kind of teed-off when LiveJournal dropped my last entry a number of days ago, so I just didn't feel like going through the trouble again. I still don't feel inspired per se, but I've got some minutes to kill between projects and crises.

Issue of the day involves some burglaries from the past weekend in one of our halls. It's left people feeling violated and unsafe, and some accomplices to the crime (who are still being investigated) are still living on campus. Not only is it a risk for people and property for them to stay here, but I'm honestly concerned for their safety-- folks are righteously pissed and the opening of a family-sized container of whupass is not beyond the realm of possibility.

The frenetic pace of work has been more and more sane as my responsibilities have been reduced. I don't remember how much I've written about that, and it would probably be pretty damn boring to read anyway, so suffice it to say that it's a good thing.

I think I'm getting hooked on a webcam. Is this a bad thing?

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