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Think a blanket would help?

Community Group was good, but ran long. Actually, the whole group didn't last so long, but Ashley and Renée did. Many questions about current church events, much more talking and sharing about the wildness of hearts and God. He's got us all thinking about Him.

Could be a long night: restless, searching, disquieted, concerned. Brain is going fast enough that tiredness is unlikely to successfully shut it down. So many good reasons for hope, for faith, for comfort, for joy. Much of it is even sinking in. Yet I'd be a huge liar if I said I was happy right now. I am not.

Perhaps a quiz will help:
I am linus

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Please withhold your shock. Just give me my damn blanket.


No blankie to offer (maybe it's in the wash?) but got a hug. ::HUGS!::
I'm "Linus" too, and well, I have plenty of blankies
to go around, so *handsYOUmyFAVORITEblankie*
Tonight is my last night to pack. I'm out of this place
as of tomorrow. *sigh* I can see the cover of this book
slowly closing as a new one is being written.
I wish I could come on and visit with you tonight.
It seems you could use some company, but since I have to remain
focused on my move... Please know I hugged my blankie a lot before
I handed it to you. :) Snuggle up and sleep sweet tonight and know
that I am praying for you. g'nite ~el
Thank you. You're missed.