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Didn't get to sleep until 3:00 am, so I'm up a bit later than usual. Started to feel bad about running late to work, but then realized that, for all intents and purposes, I am my boss. So I'll be sure to have a talk with myself once I arrive at the office. I'm concerned about my behavior, and I think I deserve an explanation.

(Actually, I know I have another Boss: His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It's important for me to remember that part.)

Considering changes in my diet-- dining out, freezer foods, sandwiches, and cereal-- and exercise-- I only run if something large and frightening is chasing me. I can feel my body asking for something different from me over the past few weeks.

(Oh, did you know I wrote a poem about cereal? I did. And I can't post it here.)

Not sure why I'm in such a playful, free mood. There are a handful of things for me to stew about, yet I'm thankful that they're able to simmer on the back burner rather than the front for a few moments. I'm still in the soup, no doubt.

(Like my use of soup imagery? "I may not be soup, and I may not come from a store...")

Ex-pastor just walked by Victrola, saw me, and came in for a strong embrace and the scant words we could exchange without tears. I'm blessed by the tears in his eyes and in mine. Tonight he stands before Presbytery. Thank you, Jesus, for that moment. Draw him close to You.

(God's timing seems to have made full use of my lateness, redeeming it for His purpose. Another important thing for me to remember-- who knows what He's up to?)
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