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Feel awful inside. With so many things wrenching my heart, I can't even discern why I feel as I do anymore. It could be any of the crises, or all of them. Tried calling home. Tried watching television. Tried talking with my best friend. Tried a meal. Tried nearly every (former) comfort zone I can think of, but the ache is still with me.

What I really want, as weak as it is, is to hold someone, to reassure each other over and over that everything's going to be okay. That's not going to happen.


I will keep you in my prayers.

as weak as it is we all want that.
Thank you, Doug.


I guess we have not chatted much before, but I have been noticing that you are going through a bad patch in your life. Is there anything specific I could pray for?
Let me know?
God Bless

Re: Hi

Thanks for your thoughts. Other than anything specific you may read, you can pray for my heart: that I would be more aware of His wild, boundless love for me and respond in kind. I believe He is using this season in my life to draw me closer to Himself.

Re: Hi

I will do the same. I worry about you, you know.