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Good Community Group last night. I did share some of what has been going on with me these past couple of weeks, the pieces they might be able to understand. As I expected, I was met with compassion and care. My decision to share was prompted in part by the news they will all have to face come Sunday: it is important for all of our hearts to be exercised in trust and goodness. The difficult days will require us all to seek much faith.

As for me, I am cared for in part by community, which seems a healthy understanding. Parts of my soul will be seen by only a few, and some parts are His alone. My community can care for me without having all the answers, without even knowing all the questions I have to wrestle with. We can walk together, perhaps for a long time, yet it is unlikely that they are all to be my companions on the full journey. I want to enjoy the steps we can share.

Who, if any, will be called to go the full distance? Perhaps only my King and I. Perhaps...

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