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Into the storm

A bird at my window awakened me this morning. Getting more peaceful by the day-- a good thing, beacuse this week our church goes into the storm. He is up to something glorious, but the path will likely be very, very hard.

Nice little chat with an old coffeeshop acquaintance this morning. He talks a lot, and I am often impatient with him. I still felt that, but I also felt his need and tapped into the desire to minister to him: not as a gesture of pity, but of His love. We can bring one another a cup of cold water in so many ways.

Having some rest yesterday afternoon and evening did a great deal to recharge my batteries. A few waves rolled over me from time to time, as is to be expected. Though I ought to feel differently, I hate the helplessness I feel when I the only thing I can do for another is to pray for them.

Hold fast. He is in this.


Remember, though,
prayer is our best
weapon. It seems so paltry
but contains so much power.
Take faith in that.
Thank you. Let's keep preaching the truth to one another, brother. You encourage me.
"Hold fast. He is in this."