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Life, flying standby

I'm a fool. Those who know me could begin the litany of proofs for this simple observation, but today it's about keys and not bringing them with me. Which meant that my trip to pay bills at the office was futile before it began; thankfully I realized this before making the detour.

Good things still happened. Picked up stamps, then lunch at Dick's on Broadway. Though it was greasy-good, my body doesn't seem to like food quite the way it used to. Broadway is the only street I've been to where one can take the alleys to avoid the seediness.

Lots of contact with people, strangers. Their eyes look different to me, perhaps because there's no longer fear behind mine. I'm engaging somehow, in a fresh way. Crossed against traffic with a homeless man who simply said "c'mon" after our requisite interaction about spare change. Tried to reassure a large woman who apologized for sitting next to me on the bus. How cruel is this world?

Went music shopping: bought Ryan Adams (Gold) and John Mayer (Room for Squares), with a Kasey Chambers sampler thrown in for good measure. CDs are more expensive than I remember, but I think I'll be happy. Thanks for the recommendations.

Also ran into one of the Jesuits as I was shopping. Odd.

Praying like crazy for some special friends today. Jesus is with you.
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