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"Have mercy on me"

Tough night of it. God is present in Spirit as well as Scripture. Not surprisingly, when I returned to His Word last night and this morning, it reached me in some very unique and specific places, exposing sin and wounds as well as promising healing. It's terrifying and humbling to see who I am, who I've been, and who I'll need to be. Can I, too, be a man after God's own heart?

Morning walk was good; I think I can get through the morning of work.

Yesterday I looked down to see that I'd returned my ring to my (right) finger-- I had taken it off a couple of weeks ago because of skin irritation. The time must be right. It is good to look down and have the visual reminder it was intended to be.

Been a week since I've visited Victrola, a long hiatus for me. Glad to be back now, though like other things, it's not quite the same as before. I gave the staff Señorita Misteriosa; they were greatly amused, and I got a hug.

Another poem just hit, which ended up being about Bartimaeus (and myself). I stopped to catch it and write it down.
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