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Why won't I just let myself sleep?


I'll pray for you right now
Thank you, Doug.
two words: healthy choice
I wish my sleeplessness were food related, but I needed this laugh! Thanks.
I'm the worst person to be giving advice in this area since I have a record of going 6 days without sleep. :( I was a FREAK at the end of those 6 days too. haha

But, there is something that has helped in the past. RARELY but it did.

When you can't sleep... determine that you will get up and clean out a closet or line your cabinets with new shelf paper... (anything annoying, that you know you won't want to do for longer than say, 10 minutes). haha

After you get started you will look for an escape from THAT annoying task and mostly likely seek refuge under the covers. :)

If that doesnt work... Well, keep praying and endure. I really don't know what else to tell ya. ~el