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Opportunity and calling

Too crazy to write much this week-- not necessarily new craziness, but craziness that catches up with me and demands me to pay an emotional toll I feel ill-prepared to afford. This entry can at least confirm that I am neither dead nor trapped under something very, very heavy.

A job posting has my attention: an opportunity to return to working with students, yet in a new way. It's the kind of thing I'd have jumped at when my career was in higher ed, and I still find a lot of me jumping inside. Yet it would require a move from my beloved Seattle to the DC area (where, thankfully, I still have ties) and it would take me from my current battle station at my church.

I confess I'm not sure how best to determine a calling in this case. I tend to think that, to leave my church in the midst of a crisis, such a calling would need to be of unusual clarity: the character of God suggests that He rarely calls His people from battles in which they are trusting Him for victory. Yet that, too, is muddled (life in the fallen world), and the nature of the opportunity is such that I must give it my attention.

Brownie has joined me; we've just finished an hour of conversation on Israel and Palestine. I know so little about the conflict, yet I have to admit I have my opinions. The trick with developing informed opinion in our age is that we have near-limitless primary and secondary sources of information to cull and analyze. Largely, I'm overwhelmed by the task.

Spider-Man (not Spiderman, please!) with Connor and Andy tonight. Fun.

Did I mention I'm taking the day off today? I am.

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