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Redeem this

So while I'd planned to stay at the office for the Community Group leaders meeting, I just couldn't last through the final hour before Staff Meeting without food. Since I haven't eaten since my morning banana bread, it's really no surprise.

Discussion with my ex-boss was volatile, like backing a cat into a corner. Some truth to the analogy, yet I have much compassion from God. I think my desire to be liked may have gotten in the way of speaking some truth, but the truth is the truth regardless of whether I speak it. As best I could, I've been faithful. We ended with tears and a hug; I imagine she won't feel as positively toward me as we continue down this road.

Feeling like a failure for a million little reasons. Most aren't a big deal, and I know it-- I'm just tired, hungry, and have had a long day. My Abba is very fond of me, whether I feel it or not. The truth is the truth, regardless.


I'm proud of your bravery in facing this issue.