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Faith and The Lost Change Pool

I'm a Christian, but one of my more pseudo-Zen beliefs is The Lost Change Pool. This is an ethereal cash reservoir where lost and found coins ebb and flow to and from our world. Vending and laundry machines are some of the most active earthly agents of The Lost Change Pool. And, strangely enough, it usually evens out. This belief keeps me from anger when a machine eats my money-- I have simply contributed to The Lost Change Pool, and from this pool I shall also collect.

My recent case: some friends did laundry when they visited this weekend. They asked to borrow 50 cents when they ran short, and being a good host, I obliged. Last night I got ready to do laundry, but I had to hold off because I was short by (surprise!) 50 cents. Today, I got more change after work and got the laundry going. When I did the big move from the washers to the dryers (it's a 2-load day), there was time left on two of the dryers by the guy before me. This saved me a grand total guessed it: 50 cents.

Plus, there were 15 cents left in the washer before I loaded it, so I'm ahead. As a matter of faith, I know this will even out.

Please comment and share your testimonies to The Lost Change Pool...

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