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Is this thing on?

So this LJ thing appears to have addictive potential. Just what I need: another addiction. I snort around LiveJournal.com and see all these journals that refer to other people's journals, and a whole functional/dysfunctional community exists on the whole deal. People leave comments for other people and designate friends.

How does this start? Do people know each other first? Doesn't look that way, but who knows. I know I should just wait and see, but patience isn't a quality I hold in abundance.

So if you read this, comment, even if it's just to tell me I'm an idiot. It's so pathetic to see "Banzai has no friends defined." Not what I need to hear from a computer.


Leevis Jeans.

well welly well well welly well well.

so what are "comments" really about? how do you 'comment' on someones journal...its a journal! have you seen stanley kubrick's clockwork orange? i love stanley kubrick. it seems everytimei get online i get distracted by this thing called IM. i shall go check my addiction to ebay now. don't get offended if i suddenly leave, its my compter saying, "Get off, i need a break" and sometimes i have to scold my computer for being so perverted.
jack needs a break now, so ill catch ya soon.

Em & Ms

Managing multiple addictions-- most impressive. Feel free to scold your computer, but breaks are good.