Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
Maximillian Amadeus Banzai

Long day after long day

Yesterday was a day hard run, with a 2.5 hour nap in the middle. Frustrations with photocopiers precluded morning coffee; no crises which could be considered major. Only had to facilitate a couple of chapters in Connecting last night, a far better thing than wrapping the whole book (which was my worst case scenario).

Downgrading my skin condition from maddening to annoying, with scattered outbursts of crazymaking from time to time. Not sold on seeing a doctor today but haven't ruled it out. If nothing else, I'll reassess tomorrow.

Today will be a long work day as well, but at a better pace with better margins. Staff Meeting is at the Elysian tonight, and there's a Community Group Leaders' meeting right before, so I plan to stay at the office until around 8 pm, then walk up. Settling into a long day is easier when: a) I have the next day off, and b) I decided ahead of time to work at a relaxed pace with breaks whenever I feel the desire. In fact, I think today will be fun.

The unfun part of today, perhaps, will be a brief, hard conversation (actually, a monologue from me) with my ex-boss, who plans to come in today. Funny how God works: with all the frustration, dismay, anger, and hurt I've felt, when I saw her yesterday, my heart was filled with compassion. Didn't expect that, and certainly didn't put it there myself-- that's a gift. I've no delusion that our time will not be hard, but I also have great hope in the presence of God's Spirit.

So if that's all true, why am I gathering so much garbage in my own life?
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